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Suzuki doubles comprehensive warranties to 200 000km

  • Coverage for twice as long as before
  • AA membership and rescue services
  • Security of five years of road cover
SUZUKI VITARA: Image: Suzuki SA / Quickpic
SUZUKI VITARA: Image: Suzuki SA / Quickpic

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Buy a new Suzuki in South Africa today, the automakers says, and you”ll see the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo and the 2022 Soccer World Cup in Qatar come and go before your mechanical warranty ends.

Suzuki SA has launched a 200 000km or five-year mechanical warranty on its entire passenger vehicle range sold from July 2017 to the end of the year.

It replaces the current three-year or 100 000km warranty and is included in the vehicle’s price.


André Venter, divisional head for sales and marketing at Suzuki SA, told Carman’s Corner: “Over the past few years we’ve worked really hard to further improve our customer service and extend our dealer network to place good Suzuki service within the reach of more South Africans.

“We’ve also improved our warranty and service plans to be both easy to understand and as comprehensive as possible. The extension to five years or 200 000km signals the successful completion of the project.”

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This focus on the customer, Suzuki SA says, has paid dividends. In 2017 the brand was crowned Company to Watch in the CAR Top 12 Awards and the Brand of the Year in the WesBank / Consumer Awards.

The latter only considered consumer feedback in deciding a winner.

The new mechanical warranty will cover all costs in the case of mechanical failure, barring failures resulting from abuse, a lack of scheduled maintenance, or a vehicle accident.

SUZUKI IGNIS: Image: Suzuki SA / Quickpic
SUZUKI IGNIS: Image: Suzuki SA / Quickpic

Venter added: “In making sure we offer the most benefit to our customers we’ve extended our partnership with the Automobile Association to five years of free roadside assistance.”

Beyond its breakdown service this will include service such as help with changing a wheel, jump-starting a flat battery, car lock-out, emergency fuel and even phone directions. Messages will be relayed to friends and family in an emergency.

“At Suzuki,” Venter said, “we always talk about ‘Care!’ It stands for ‘Customers are really everything!’ and it is at the heart of all our efforts.”

SUZUKI BALENO: Image: Suzuki SA / Quickpic
SUZUKI BALENO: Image: Suzuki SA / Quickpic

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