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Tired of the traffic? Here’s a great way to beat it

  • Weekend fun – or save big on commuting
  • Three litres/100km fuel consumption possible
  • Optimised engine, two-into-one exhaust
2017 SUZUKI GSX250R: Image: Suzuki UK / Newspress
2017 SUZUKI GSX250R: Image: Suzuki UK / Newspress

LONDON, England – The new Suzuki GSX250R is now in UK showrooms – a 248cc parallel twin that boasts it can make around three litres/100km. How’s that for cutting your commuting costs!

The 2017 GSX250R, Suzuki says, combines sharp and sporty looks with nimble performance and comfortable ergonomics “and is destined for cutting through city traffic on the commute or taking the long way home on twisty back roads”.

2017 SUZUKI GSX250R: Image: Suzuki UK / Newspress
2017 SUZUKI GSX250R: Image: Suzuki UK / Newspress

An LCD instrument panel give the rider important information such as gear position, fuel level and the time.

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Clip-on handlebars give a direct and sporty feel but are also positioned for a comfortable ride.


The engine, Suzuki says, is designed to give its best performance in the low- to mid-ranges, producing 23.4Nm of torque at 6500rpm and peak power of 18kW at 8000rpm.

The engine’s intake valves are designed to optimise airflow into the combustion chamber, improving performance and reducing emissions, while a new two-into-one exhaust enhances mid-range performance.

Interested: Suzuki SA says the machines are already in South Africa and are being homologated. Stay in touch with your local Suzuki dealer.

Click here for more information on the Suzuki GSX250R.


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