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Three-row Mazda CX-8: New flagship for launch

  • At last! A back row for adults
  • Mazda planning new SUV flagship
  • Target said to be ‘classy but quality’
Image: Mazda Japan
Image: Mazda Japan

TOKYO, Japan – Mazda has revealed the shell of its upcoming CX-8 crossover, the company’s first new-generation model with three rows of seats. It’s scheduled for showrooms in Japan by the end of 2017.

The CX-8, to be the brand’s SUV flagship, is described “as a new kind of crossover SUV for people who appreciate quality and need for than five seats”. Even adults, it says, will be comfortable in the back row.

Image: Mazda Japan
Image: Mazda Japan

Information sent to The Corner adds that the car “has the looks, performance and the high-end feel expected of a Mazda”.


It’s designers were told to add maturity “to attract buyers for many years to come” while creating a classy but quality look with particular attention paid to colours and materials.

The Mazda CX-8 Crossover SUV will be available in Japan this year. Global roll-out has not been confirmed.

Image: Mazda Japan
Image: Mazda Japan

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