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Mercedes and Tidal coming in with 60 000 000 songs

  • Mercedes’deal for ultra driving music
  • Tidal coming in to new partnership
  • Are there really than my songs around?

mercedes me program

STUTTGART, Germany – Mercedes-Benz is to partner with global music/entertainment platform Tidal to stream a choice of 60 000 000 songs and 185 000 music videos free for a year to its cars and their owners’ smartphones and domestic music centres.

Given that Mercedes Me has been available in South Africa since January 2017 it would seem likely that the deal should also be available here.

Tidal X also connects artists directly with fans through one-of-a-kind live events, meet & greets, ticket giveaways and live streams with artists such as Jay-Z, Beyonce, Bon Jovi, Nicki Minaj, Damian Marley, Lil Wayne and Alicia Keys.

The launch will involve an exclusive live concert at the September 2017 Frankfurt International Motor Show.


Jens Thiemer, Mercedes Cars’ marketing vice-president, told Carman’s Corner in a media release: “With Tidal we will enhance the Mercedes Me lifestyle range with a unique entertainment experience.”

A surprise artiste will be announced before the show and participants at the Me convention can sign up for a ticket. More tickets will be raffled over the Tidal and and Mercedes-Benz social media channels.

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All Mercedes customers will, from 2018, be provided with a free one-year subscription in hi-fi streaming quality. After that the will have an option to use Tidal subscription access albums for the equivalent of about R170 a month for normal quality or R340 a month for hi-fi quality.

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