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Audi sends in the clowns to punt new A8 sedan


  • New Audi A8 to flight fun new TV advert
  • Circus-themed Audi campaign highlights car
  • New A8 luxury saloon shows off intelligent tech
2017 AUDI A8: Image: Audi / Newspress
TOP PERFORMER FROM AUDI: The new fourth-generation Audi A8 and some of its more familiar relatives feature in a new circus-themed advertising campaign that highlights the latest Audi driving assistants. Image: Audi / Newspress

LONDON, England – The new Audi A8 for 2018 will feature on British TV for the first time this weekend as part of a major new campaign intended to show the benefits of the latest Audi intelligent technologies.

The campaign, called ‘Clowns’, follows a troupe of circus comics as they wreak havoc on the road while the Audis’ hi-tech safety capabilities react instantly to fraught situations.

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This the fourth-generation A8 has one of the video’s starring roles fresh from its world debut earlier in 2017. The flagship luxury sedan again is said to be the benchmark for Vorsprung durch Technik with a new design language, innovative touchscreen operation and systematic drivetrain electrification.

2018 AUDI A8: Image: Audi / Newspress
2018 AUDI A8: Image: Audi / Newspress

It also claims to be the world’s first production car to have been developed for highly automated driving. It will, from 2018, progressively introduce piloted driving functions for parking and traffic-jam negotiation.


As well as the A8, which demonstrates its self-parking technology, the promo film highlights the benefits of cross-traffic monitor, the A4’s all-wheel-drive and the Q2’s crash mitigation system.

Benjamin Braun, Audi UK’s marketing director, told Carman’s Corner in a media communication: “Audi produces beautiful cars but not everybody knows they have amazing brains. The video makes that point with great charm and wit as our cars negotiate the crazy world of the clowns with exquisite comic timing!”

audi a8 video link

WATCH THE new Audi promotion video here

The film, due to air in the UK for the first time on Sunday (Oct 1 2017) during the latest episode of the ITV (and DSTv in SA) drama series ‘Victoria‘, is musically accompanied by a reinterpretation of the classic Stephen Sondheim show tune “Send in the Clowns” featuring singer/songwriter Lisa Hannigan.

A logo will encourage viewers to Shazam the song and, for every Shazam, Audi will donate money to community groups across the UK to raise awareness of the UK’s Road Safety Week that will run from November 20.

2018 AUDI A8: Image: Audi / Newspress
2018 AUDI A8: Image: Audi / Newspress

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