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Skip the trolley – just go to the mall for luxury DS E-Tense(V)

  • Formula E ace plays midnight mall cowboy
  • Super-luxury DS launched with night drive
  • Closed mall becomes test track for superlimo
DS E-Tense at DS Urban Store. Image: DS Automobiles / Newspress
JUST THE JOB FOR A MIDNIGHT COWBOY: The DS E-Tense outside the DS Urban Store before its late-night drive in an upmarket shopping mall. Image: DS Automobiles / Newspress

LONDON, England – DS? It’s a French brand born in Paris in June 2014 to revive a tradition of assembling premium vehicles in the French automotive industry and inspired by the innovation and distinction inherited from the first Citroen DS that was launched in 1955.

DS Automobiles teamed up with its flagship DS Urban Store (posh vehicle showroom) in a popular London late-night shopping mall called Westfield and was granted permission for DS Virgin Racing’s Formula E race driver Sam Bird to drive a high-performance electric GT Concept car – the DS E-Tense – through the mall.

DS E-Tense at DS Urban Store. Image: DS Automobiles / Newspress
FORMULA E ACE SAM BIRD: All ready for his midnight drive in the DS E-Tense for the DS Urban Store at Westfield. Image: DS Automobiles / Newspress

The Westfield Brand Ventures team arranged to have the midnight event videoed during the “lock-in” to emphasise the car’s clean and silent propulsion system in an area where, normally, thousands of people would be breathing.


The car was first shown publicly at the 2016 Geneva auto show where it was feted for its “state-of-the-art technology, avant-garde design with its flowing lines and unique styling, and evocation of a desire to be driven”.

DS Automobiles told Carman’s Corner in a media communication: “The DS E-Tense is the pinnacle of our know-how. The superior upholstery, exclusive metallic green ametrine body colour, and jewel-like diode headlights perfectly show the avant-garde spirit and connection to the fashion world that”s synonymous with the DS brand.

“Daytime running lights accentuate the car’s expressive gaze and, inspired by the original, iconic Citroen DS from 1955, the rear indicators are integrated into the roof. Finally, setting the trend for future DS models, the DS E-Tense’s diode tail lights.”

DS E-Tense at DS Urban Store. Image: DS Automobiles / Newspress
MIDNIGHT SHOPPING: The DS Urban Store in London’s Westfield mall. Image: DS Automobiles / Newspress

The car is 4.72m long and its electric power system can deliver 516Nm / 300kW with zero exhaust emissions (not, of course, taking into account of pollution from the power station that created the electricity – Ed). DS E-Tense delivers propulsion that is clean, silent, efficient and powerful.”

WATCH SAM BIRD’S midnight shopping-mall drive video

DS Automobiles has, since 2015, developed a strong relationship with Westfield. The luxury shopping centre in Shepherd’s Bush contains more than 300 retailer stores across fashion, leisure and entertainment markets, among them more than 30 premium and luxury brands within The Village – an ever-evolving luxury space.

DS E-Tense at DS Urban Store. Image: DS Automobiles / Newspress
SUPPORTING ACT: The smaller DS 7 Crossback head-on during the midnight driving session. Image: DS Automobiles / Newspress

It was, DS said, a perfect place for the first DS Urban Store, a digitally-enabled boutique vehicle-sales concept.

“The DS Urban Store,” the automaker added, “invites visitors to explore the lifestyle of the Parisian-born DS brand to promote it in a place where they regularly spend their leisure. The avant-garde spirit of design in each DS aligns itself in Westfield with some of the world’s most luxurious names in fashion.”


Paul Buttigieg, Westfield’s operations chief, added: “We like to go the extra mile for our partners to help them create innovative content to drive awareness and sales. Giving a leading racing driver a green light to take a spin in one of our centres was a real first.

“However, having built a positive relationship with DS Automobiles through the previous few years, we wanted to help them create a stand-out moment to mark the UK debut of the DS E-Tense.”


Sam Bird, in his third season with DS Virgin Racing, has secured five wins and nine podium positions so is the third-highest points-scorer in Formula E and one of the few to have driven the all-electric DS E-Tense in, for instance, Paris and Monaco – and now for the first time in the UK.

Bird also drove a soon-to-be-launched DS 7 Crossback, a new SUV from DS Automobiles which has the latest technology such as self-directing headlights, predictive suspension and autonomous capability.

DS E-Tense at DS Urban Store. Image: DS Automobiles / Newspress
DS 7 CROSSBACK: This already-in-production car played a supporting role for the DS E-Tense and the DS Urban Store. Image: DS Automobiles / Newspress

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