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Scooter revolution: Kymco going long-distance with CV2/CV3

  • Two concept models from scooter experts
  • Child-friendly three wheeler is one of them
  • CV2/CV3 concept premiere at 2017 Milan show
CONCEPT FROM KYMCO: Image: Kymco / Newspress
CONCEPT FROM KYMCO: Image: Kymco / Newspress

MILAN, Italy – Kymco, a company now well-known in the two-wheeler trade, has branched out further in pioneering the newest concept of maxi scooters and developing innovative products “hat exceed customers’ expectations”.

Now the Super Touring AK 550 is commemorating Kymco’s 50th anniversary with the introduction of a C Series Concept at the 2017 EICMA motorcycle show in Milan.

CONCEPT FROM KYMCO: Image: Kymco / Newspress
CONCEPT FROM KYMCO: Image: Kymco / Newspress

“The C Series Concept,” Kymco says, “defines our latest innovation of Adventure Tourer, a new maxi -scooter segment that provides riders with ‘The Luxury of Discovery’ and fulfills their dreams of exploring the uncharted.”


Without doubt they are good-looking machines, a cross between touring motorcycle and chunky scooters – perhaps even a third class of two-wheeler that makes sense in both the city and the country – perhaps they’ll even come up with an off-roader…

Anyway, the C Series Concept comprises two vehicles, CV2 Concept and CV3 Concept. The “V2” indicates two-wheeled and the “V3” indicates three-wheeled vehicles – two up front, one behind.

“The overall idea,” Kymco says, “is to provide riders who seek a grand leisure lifestyle the ultimate in comfort and practicality for long trips, together with light adventure features and capability for the fun of discovery.”

Kymco C Series pos 3
CONCEPT FROM KYMCO: Image: Kymco / Newspress

The difference of the number of wheels of CV2 and CV3 is said to give the series different character and personality: the CV3, with its adventure-oriented concept, further demonstrates Kymco’s determination to meet every customer’s needs with innovative designs.


The C Series emphasises “extraordinary rider comfort, excellent handling capability, robust body structure, outstanding ergonomic design and the ability to ride through rough road surfaces” thanks to having all the elements needed to overcome the unpredictable challenges of a long journey.

The machines have a modular constantly-variable transmission and the rear section an exposed mechanical design that accommodates accessories tailored to any type of journey.

The front upside-down structural suspension and the manually adjustable horizontal rear suspension are said to work together to ensure great stability and handling over long distances; to futher benefit safety the C Series comes with adventure-oriented tyres that offer greater grip and front and rear disc brakes with Brembo calipers.

Kymco C Series pos 4
CONCEPT FROM KYMCO: Image: Kymco / Newspress

To equip the C Series Concept with ample power for long trips, production vehicles are expected to have a power output higher than the Kymco AK 550 and a radiator up front to ensure sufficient heat dissipation during long hours of operation.

The seat cushion, Kymco says, was ergonomically designed with a manually adjustable backrest to accommodate various physiques of riders and to contribute to comfort over long distances.

Kymco C Series pos 5
CONCEPT FROM KYMCO: Image: Kymco / Newspress

The adjustable instrument panel and windscreen have the same purpose: “a high-quality journey of discovery for every rider”.

The CV3 is the first three-wheeled scooter from Kymco, the design intended to provide extra stability and confidence under any circumstance. It also has a front-suspension electronic lock. With a push of a button the CV3 can firmly stand by itself at any stop.

Kymco C Series pos 6
CONCEPT FROM KYMCO: Image: Kymco / Newspress

Kymco sees the machine as “a great alternative for people who wish to experience the agility of a scooter in urban traffic while enjoying the freedom and comfort of driving a car”.

Allen Ko, chairman of the Kymco Group, told The Corner in a media release: “The C Series Concept is yet another of our innovations that follow the launch of the AK 550 and the Noodoe IOT system.

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Kymco C Series pos 7

“The C Series has the Kymco Multi-Fit concept that can expand versatility to cover any trip – solo or with a pillion passenger. The rear case, side cases, top case, rear seat and hard top are all attachable and there is even a child-friendly footrest.


“All these accessories are designed to satisfy the needs of riders for different purposes, to allow the pursuit of ‘Discover New Journey of Life’, whether riding in beautiful conditions or in bad weather.”\


The launch of the C Series Concept, Kymko says, demonstrates the company’s effort to win the hearts of riders all over the world with the latest technology and designs – “and we hope the CV2 and CV3 will go into production soon”.

Kymco C Series pos 8
CONCEPT FROM KYMCO: Image: Kymco / Newspress

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