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Performance pack upgrade already for Golf R

  • Optional Performance Pack available to order
  • Titanium exhaust  saves 7kg, brakes another 2kg
  • Speed-limiting removed for hatch and wagon
HOTTER GOLF R: Image: VW UK / Newspress
HOTTER GOLF R: Image: VW UK / Newspress

MILTON KEYNES, England – The Volkswagen Golf R with 4Motion all-wheel drive, recently relaunched with redesigned bumpers, new diode headlights, sweeping indicators and an ‘active’ data display has been made even more attractive.

Now there’s a potent Performance Pack (VW’s caps) option for direct-shift gearbox units that, the automaker says, “adds to the head-turning looks of the Golf R and further refines its dynamic capabilities”.

Check with your local VW dealer about SA availability.

HOTTER GOLF R: Image: VW UK / Newspress
HOTTER GOLF R: New 19″ wheel rims part of the package. Image: VW UK / Newspress

The factory-fitted pack is comprised of R-Performance brakes, derestricted top speed, and 19″ Spielberg alloy wheel rims. The hatchback version receives a rear roof spoiler, too. Collectively these enhancements are priced (in the UK) at the equivalent of about R41 000 (Nov 2017).


Silver-painted callipers identify the R-Performance brakes which shave 2kg off the car’s but VW says,  “it”s the ‘built pin discs’ that provide a superior feel for the driver”. They involve an aluminium brake pot with a cast-steel friction ring joined to the brake pot via cast pins.

“The advantage in this configuration,” VW says, “is that it expands radially when under stress, aiding durability and proving especially advantageous when the Golf R is driven on a track.”

Top speed is limited to 250km/h on both the hatch and Estate models but that’s been removed as part of the work done on the Performance Pack to allow the hatchback version to reach 265km/h, the Estate 268km/h.

HOTTER GOLF R: Image: VW UK / Newspress
HOTTER GOLF R:  Image: VW UK / Newspress

Alongside the Pack, VW is also offering a titanium Akrapovič sport exhaust package for hatchback manual and DSG units for the equivalent of R53 000.


“Round tailpipes, rather than oval, and valve control technology,” VW says, “result in an incomparable exhaust sound, particularly at high revs and when shifting gear.The valve control system will be adjusted in line with the Golf R’s Driving Mode Selection options – Eco, Normal, Sport or Race.


HOTTER GOLF R: Image: VW UK / Newspress
HOTTER GOLF R: Titanium exhaust another separate options – have R56 000 handy. Image: VW UK / Newspress

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