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Infiniti QX80 superSUV launched at Dubai auto show

  • Giant cross-country cruiser on stage
  • Infniti just goes further and further
  • Punters ‘fascinated’ at Dubai launch
INFINITI QX80: Image: Infiniti
INFINITI QX80: The Monograph version was launched at the New York auto show in April 2017. Image: Infiniti

INFINITI, a wing of Nissan, has unveiled its all-new QX80 luxury SUV at the 2017 Dubai auto show despite not being available in Western European countries.

Nevertheless, the giant vehicle – the one pictured is the the Monograph model – is said to have fascinated enthusiasts.

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The QX80 claims to have taken Infiniti’s ‘Powerful Elegance’ design language in “a bold new direction to create a vigorous, contemporary, and commanding aesthetic”.

INFINITI QX80: Image: Infiniti
INFINITI QX80: Image: Infiniti

The automaker says the new model reveals a modern exterior design combined with a high-tech cabin designed for relaxation and the ability to travel everywhere in style and luxury.

WATCH the QX80 Monograph launch

Infiniti adds that the SUV “strengthens the brand’s position in the full-size SUV segment”.

“The QX80,” the automaker says, “has a refined and spacious cabin with high-quality materials, a hand-crafted finish and advanced driving assistance technologies.

“With a taut, yet comfort-orientated, suspension and ample performance from its 5.6-litre V8 engine the new QX80 gives drivers an assured feeling of control and confidence.”

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The SUV will go on sale in select markets across North America, Asia, Russia and the Middle East from the end of 2017.

Pity it’s not for South Africa – imagine cruising the Kalahari in one.

INFINITI QX80: Image: Infiniti
INFINITI QX80: Image: Infiniti

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