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Suzuki GSX-S Phantom to materialise early 2018

  • Touch of stealth for Suzuki’s GSX
  • Iconic engine for low revs power
  • 112kW and a slipper clutch standard already
suzuki gsx phantom pos 1
SUZUKI GSX-S1000 FZ PHANTOM: It doesn’t glow in the dark – but then it will be hard to see at night. Image: Suzuki Motorcycles / Newspress

CAPE TOWN, Western Cape – Suzuki has announced a GSX-S1000 FZ Phantom for 2018, an all-matte black machine that will join the popular GSX-S1000 and GSX-S750 Phantoms in showrooms.

“The stealthy black livery,” Suzuki says, “is offset by subtle red detailing. The exhaust is also black to further distinguish it from the standard GSX-S1000 F.”

The GSX-S1000F and GSX-S1000 units will have the iconic GSX-R1000 K5 engine – said to be known for its low-revs torque and mid-range power – will also have three-stage traction control and Suzuki’s low-revs assist and easy-start system.

ONE A LIGHTER NOTE: Touches of red to lighten the mood, perhaps? Image: Suzuki Motorcycles / NMewspress

Already, in 2017, the benefited from a power increase to 112kW and a new slipper clutch.

The GSX-S1000 super-naked is also available in a new white paint scheme for 2018, with red and black graphics and red wheels, while the GSX-S750 –  which was new for 2017 -can now be had in red/black alongside the classic blue/black and all-black Phantom.

The 2018 GSX-S range will arrive in Suzuki showrooms globally in early 2018.

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