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Renault Samsung SM3 Z.E. goes longer-range electric

  • Renault Samsung Motors show off new electric SM3 Z.E.
  • Driving range increased to five days’ driving
  • Groupe Renault continues electric vehicle progress
2018 RENAULT SAMSUNG SM3 Z.E. Image: Renault / Samsung

DAEGU, South Korea – Renault Samsung Motors has unveiled the SM3 Z.E. at a Future Auto Expo in this South Korean city, its maker keen to upgrade its electric vehicle range to meet customers’ wants and buoyed by electric vehicle expertise gained through eight years of development.

Groupe Renault, the European market leader, is continuing to renew its line-up – the latest example being the new version of the SM3 Z.E. first seen in 2013.

2018 RENAULT SAMSUNG SM3 Z.E. Image: Renault
2018 RENAULT SAMSUNG SM3 Z.E. Image: Renault Samsung

Gilles Normand, senior vice-president of Electric Vehicle, Renault, said: “Groupe Renault, Europe’s No.1 EV brand and the market’s pioneer, is introducing a second-generation of its electric vehicles.

“This process, as laid out in our Drive the Future plan, this will let Groupe Renault strengthen its geographic and segment coverage and foster a step-up in the electric vehicle market.”


The autonomy (range) of the SM3 Z.E. – the market’s only three-box saloon – has been increased by 57% to 213km based on the Korean type approval cycle.

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Battery power has been increased to 36kWh with no increase in weight and, with the average daily trip in South Korea standing at 40km in 2016 the (Korean Transportation Safety Authority report) the new SM3 Z.E. is capable of about five days use on a full charge.

This extra range and the model’s spacious cabin will, it’s claimed, address strong demand from retail buyers, taxis fleets and state organisations.

Image: Renault Samsung
2018 RENAULT SAMSUNG SM3 Z.E.  Image: Renault Samsung


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