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Get bad cars and lousy drivers off the roads

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Almost 80% of SA road-users believe getting unroadworthy vehicles off the roads will make those same roads safer and more than half of the folk questioned (58%) want harsher punishment for such offenders.

The object being to reduce the wholesale slaughter on our roads.

The Automobile Association ‘Safer Roads in SA’ survey report says: “There are too many unsafe cars on our roads and such cars cause many crashes, some of them fatal. Drivers must ensure their vehicles are safe and roadworthy if we want to reduce the death toll.”


Survey respondents also wanted tougher policing and more road-safety education in schools. A media release from the AA said: “Road-safety education in schools is vital to road safety in the future. Children need to be taught the rules of the road, how to be safe pedestrians. and, ultimately, a progression to when that child reaches driving age.”

Respondents also highlighted more-rigorous training for learner drivers (38%), more public education via road safety campaigns (38%) and safer cars from manufacturers (13%).

AND JUST IN CASE you are too stupid to wear a seat belt, watch this.

“Over public holidays, such as Christmastime when traffic on major routes increases significantly, we want all drivers to obey the rules of the road, and to drive safely.”

So, the AA offers these suggestions:

• Keep your vehicle in good working condition

• Check the tyres (including the spare) and replace if necessary (have a tyre-dealer check them – most reputable ones will do this for free).

• Obey the rules of the road and set an example for children or inexperienced drivers

• Refuse to move until everybody in the vehicle is buckled into a seatbelt, especially including children under three who are required by law to be in a certified restraint seats

• Stop every two hours or every 200km to walk around the car and relax (perhaps glance at the tyres in case of slow deflation while you’re at it)

• Be courteous and considerate of other drivers

• Don’t drive under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication (check that last one with the medication instructions or ask you pharmacist)

• Speed limits aren’t there ‘just because’ and drive according to the road/weather.

• Don’t overtake on a blind rise or over a solid white centre line. You will probably die.

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