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Special maintenance plan promise for new Kias

  • Know your service costs in advance
  • Free maintenance plan on Cerato and Soul
  • ‘Additional peace of mind for family transport’

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Kia Motors SA says it will, until March 31 2018, offer buyers of a new Kia Cerato (hatch or sedan) or Kia Soul a free extended maintenance plan.

Each is shipped with a standard service plan, which will be upgraded – free of charge – to a comprehensive maintenance plan The Kia Rio sedan will also benefit from the upgrade.

David Sieff, Kia Motors SA’s marketing director, explained: “Kia vehicles have always had comprehensive specification levels an unlimited-distance, five-year, warranty. Now we’ve added more peace of mind to three of our core family cars.”

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The service plan included in the price of any new Kia covers all scheduled servicing parts and its associated costs, the upgrade to a maintenance plan adds cover for specified wear-and-tear parts, among them the clutch, exhaust, bulbs, fuses, brake pads, brake discs, shock-absorbers, V-belts and wiper blades.

“Customers also benefit from having their vehicle serviced and maintained by a Kia dealer or approved service centre.”

Both the KIA Cerato and the KIA Soul ranked highest for initial quality in their respective segments in the 2017 J.D. Power Initial Quality Survey, ahead of all the German and Japanese brands they compete with. With abundant passenger space, notable luggage space, comprehensive specification levels and a variety of eager, efficient engines, the Cerato and Soul ranges are perfect for urban commuters for young and growing families.

Call in at your local Kia dealer for more information.

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