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Collectors’ Clio pays tribute to Renault F1 team

  • New limited-edition Clio inspired by Renault F1 team
  • Striking look embellished by vivid yellow detailing
  • Renault reckons Clio RS 18 could be a future classic
RENAULT CLIO RS 18: Limited numbers for serious motorsportpeople. Image: Renault
RENAULT CLIO RS 18: Limited numbers for serious motorsportpeople. Image: Renault / Greg Jongerlynck

BOULOGNE-BILLANCOURT, France – RenaultSport has announced a limited-edition Clio RS 18 named for the Renault Sport F1 Team’s 2018 challenger and shouting it presence with the black-and-yellow livery of Renault’s F1 cars.

The automaker says the car is being marketed to motorsport enthusiasts and car collectors.

The RS 18, Renault adds, is based on the Clio RS 220 EDC Trophy – said to be the most potent Clio RS and embodying the RenaultSport F1 Team’s ambitions… “a car inspired by motor racing’s premier series in which in 2017 saw Renault celebrate 40 years”.


Quentin Audiffren, Clio RS product manager, told Carman’s Corner in a media release: “RenaultSport customers share our passion for motorsport. This limited-edition model will give them the very best of our engineering expertise.

“Its sporting credentials are expressed by a number of design flourishes drawn directly from F1 to be an eloquent illustration of the bond between our motorsport activities and our road cars.”

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“The world of the RenaultSport F1 Team is packed into a Clio RS – RS 18 badging on the front doors, plus the grey decals and new RS double-diamond logo on the roof, are said to be a direct reference to RenaultSport F1 and the single-seater it will race in 2018.

“Meanwhile,” Renault said, “hints of RenaultSport’s iconic Sirius Yellow for the F1-style front blade, protective side mouldings and wheel centre-caps produce a striking contrast with the Deep Black body.

“The rear badging, front bumper, Renault diamond and RS logo on the bumper are entirely black – a touch exclusive to the car. The diffuser’s Deep Black finish adds to the car’s forceful stance.”


Each unit’s sills are numbered, Alcantara/leather-trimmed steering-wheel and a carbon fibre-effect air vent surrounds contribute to the cabin’s sporty feel, and RenaultSport mats are standard.”

The RS 18 has inherited the Clio RS 220 EDC Trophy’s 165kW engine and torque-boosting that can take it to 280Nm. Its Trophy chassis has been lowered and stiffened, its front shock-absorbers incorporate hydraulic compression stops, and its steering is even sharper and more direct.

The RS 18 also has (except in Japan) an Akrapovic exhaust.

The limited-edition will be launched in Europe in the first half of 2018. For fore information call your nearest Renault dealer.

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