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Suzuki UK releasing 2018 MotoGP race replicas

  • Ride the same motorcycle as MotoGp aces
  • New colour schemes for global track series
  • …and more than just paint job changing!
SPECIAL LIVERY SUZUKI. Image: Suzuki / Newspress
SPECIAL LIVERY SUZUKI. Image: Suzuki / Newspress

SUZUKA, Japan – Suzuki has unveiled its new MotoGP livery for the 2018 racing season and with it a new replica paint scheme for its award-winning GSX-R1000R and GSX-R1000.

The machines were unveiled at a pre-season MotoGP test at Sepang, Malaysia and the new livery described as ”an evolution of the eye-catching blue with bold Suzuki wording, but for 2018 uses a stealthy black to the usual yellow details”.


However, Suzuki UK told Carman’s Corner the similarities between production and the race machines  for Andrea Iannone and Alex Rinsare were not limited to paint schemes. ”The GSX-R1000 inherits the same VVT technology as the MotoGP prototype for strong low-down torque and mid-range without sacrificing top-end power.”

Also included will be a finger-follower valve train (watch how that works) and stacked intake funnels.

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MotoGP technology and knowhow also extends to the full suite of electronics found on the GSX-R1000R, among them 10-stage, lean angle-sensitive, traction and launch control, plus cornering anti-lock brakes and a bi-directional quickshifter and auto-blipper.

The replica bikes will be with dealers in Europe in March 2018, the MotoGP replica GSX-R1000R for £16 099 (about R274 000), the GSX-R1000 for £13 599 (about R231 000). We’ve asked Suzuki the obvious questions… and the reply was that Suzuki SA is still considering the matter.

SPECIAL LIVERY SUZUKI. Image: Suzuki / Newspress
SPECIAL LIVERY SUZUKI. Image: Suzuki / Newspress

*Prices directly converted as at Jan 29 2018. Suzuki still discussing possible imports.

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