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25 record repair bills: See what one insurer paid out

  • Top warranty company reveals giant 2017 repair bills
  • See how much work on a McLaren MP4-12C cost insurer
  • Own a Lambo, Landy or Ferrari? Then be prepared!
McLAREN MP4-12C: Image: McLaren
McLAREN MP4-12C:  Giant bill for a major gearbox overhaul. Image: McLaren

A CAPE TOWN acquaintance, owner of a VW that’s a tad old, wanted to keep his trusty sedan for a few more years so dropped off old faithful at an apparently dependable workshop and asked for a quote to achieve that. The list was long…

…and the quote was R54 000. The equivalent of about £3200.

He has, of course, gone elsewhere for more quotes, though the original quoter later dropped a number of repair requirements and the bill came down into the region of R20 000. He’s thinking about it…


Whatever, he can be glad that the humble VW was not, for instance, the McLaren MP4-12C which was second topped repairs insurer Warrantywise’s 2017 table of payouts for expensive autowork: a major gearbox repair bill that cost £10 000 – or about R170 000.

Fortunately, the McLaren’s presumably wealthy owner didn’t have to cough up because he’d been paying the equivalent of R3500 a month for Warrantywise insurance, which company has revealed the Top 25 largest repair bills through 2017.

The list ranges from £5084 (R86 500) to the McLaren’s £10 000 and is filled by some of the world’s most famous cars with the top three payouts covering major engine and gearbox repairs.

The second and third largest payouts were for a Land Rover Discovery 4 and a Nissan GTR, with bills respectively of £8500 (R144 500) and £6200 (R105 500) paid out for monthly premiums of £53 for the Land Rover and £104 for the Nissan. Two excellent insurance investments, then.


Yet even relatively minor issues can be expensive: Porsche Cayenne oil leak £5494, sensor repair on a Mercedes C-Class £5134.

Lawrence Whittaker, CEO of Warrantywise, told Carman’s Corner in a media communication: “Repair bills are not cheap – especially on certain vehicles. That’s why when you lay out all the repair payouts by Warrantywise you can see why so many of our customers swear by our service.

”Ït’s not just supercars which have expensive repair bills but does show that even the likes of Mercedes and Land Rover have the potential to go wrong.”

Warrantywise claims to be the only such company to release their payouts list so current and potential insurees can have insight about the most common items to go wrong with their car and confirms that, car for car, it paid out more than any other UK warranty firm.

To see the full list of the top 25 bills, click here.

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