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Electric cars: How to make a profit on your trade-in!

  • UK paying more than new for battery buys
  • As much as R12 500 on 12-month trade-in
  • No petrol bills – and ranges are rising
ELECTRIC SAVINGS: Image: Vauxhall Motors
ELECTRIC SAVINGS:  Vauxhall’s (Opel in SA) Ampera electric car is sporty, quick – and worth more than you paid for it after the first year of use.  Image:   Motors

LONDON, England – Sales of electric vehicles are steadily rising and the good news for current owners is that they could sell their mobile battery packs for more than they paid for them new a year earlier.

A combination of factors, among them the proliferation of clean-air zones, lower running costs, more charging points, incentives to drive, and wider availability have each helped to grow awareness and interest in EVs.

An EV could be run for a year or 16 000km and be sold for more than its original purchase price. A Peugeot Ion, for instance,  appreciated by 8.6% to add the equivalent of R7500 to its value. A Vauxhall Ampera’s average appreciation is 5.3% or £725 (R12 300)  and the most popular EV on the market, Nissan’s Leaf, has an average appreciation of four percent or £456 (R7750).

NISSAN AMPERA: A lot smaller than the Vauxhall but also has a payback after a year's use. Image: Nissan
NISSAN AMPERA: A lot smaller than the Vauxhall but also has a payback after a year’s use. Image: Nissan

Hybrids in the UK also represent a savvy purchase: a Toyota’s Yaris hybrid’s average appreciation was  almost R5000 and a Lexus GS Hybrid about R3000 or 0.7%.


More than 60 000 new AFVs (Alternative Fuel Vehicles) had joined the traffic jams on British roads up to the middle of 2017 – and sales were still bouyant.

Vehicle prices compiler Chris Plumb told Carman’s Corner: “Sales continue to soar in the EV market as drivers weighed up the benefits of ownership – greatly reduced motoring costs and other incentives around driving an alternative to petrol or diesel.

“Our latest analysis shows that an SUV driver can still make money on a sale after running it for a year and adding 16 000km. Such vehicles are a good balance between range and efficiency, plus the economic benefit can be enormous thanks to avoiding fuel purchases and tax costs.

”Maintenance costs are also way lower.”

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