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So, can you squeeze a V6 into a Citi Golf? Oh yeah…!

WHOLE NEW MEANING TO SHOEHORNING: The completed exercise all ready for  boarding the boat to Germany: Image: VW SA

UITENHAGE, Eastern Cape – Car enthusiast Jamie Orr, using the hashtag #CitiGolfChallenge, is to take his beloved Citi Golf from South Africa to one of the biggest of Volkswagen fan events, the GTI Treffen in Wörthersee, Germany.

The project started with shipping a Passat 3.6-litre VR6 engine with a Golf 4 VR5 transmission and limited-slip differential, and a light billet flywheel and clutch from America to South Africa.

The parts arrived in South Africa at the end of January 2018 and that was when Jamie started searching for a suitable host Citi Golf.

V6 CITIGOLF: 'Excuse me... do you have room for a little one...?' Image: VW SA
TINY CITI GOLF WITH A BIG HEART: ‘Excuse me… ag pleez, do you have room for a little one…?’ Image: VW SA

The VW Citi Golf was produced only in South Africa and never officially sold outside Africa. Orr explained: “The Golf 1 enjoys a strong enthusiasts’ following around the world but a Citi Golf is a rare sight even at VW fan events.

”That’s why I wanted to buy, restore, and share one as much as possible.”


The team found a 1991 classic-blue two-tone Citi which had only a few dents and minor mechanical issues but then were faced with the challenge of sliding in the imported 225kW VR6 engine, complete with original factory fuel-management and wiring.

V6 CITI GOLF: The V6 Citi all dressed-up and ready to go. Image: VW SA

The job also required a complete respray back to the original blue and white.

The exterior and cabin were updated with GTI Mk7-inspired seat fabric, new steering components and upgraded brakes. Classic images from Gauteng province were fitted to the stereo system components in the boot.

The build, which took less than a week, culminated in the Citi Golf attending its first show, a VDub Camp Fest in Bela Bela, Limpopo province, in early February 2018. The journey then continued to the VW Uitenhage factory 1000km from Gauteng.

Orr explained: “Production of the Citi Golf stopped nearly 10 years but  ago in South Africa but I wanted to visit the Uitenhage factory as symbolic point of this journey.”

V6 CITI GOLF:  VW fan Jamie Orr with the superhot Citi Golf and VW SA communications manager Matt Gennrich at the Uitenhage plant.  Image: VW SA

Matt Gennrich, VW SA’s communications general manager, added: “We’re proud to have such keen VW enthusiasts and it was a pleasure not only to supply parts for the Citi Golf but also to host Jamie at the AutoPavilion.

”He was taken on a factory tour to see the major investment in the plant since production of the Citi Golf ceased in 2009.”

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The car will now be shipped to the Volkswagen Emden factory in Germany, as well as to the headquarters of the Volkswagen Group, the Wolfsburg factory in Germany.

Orr explained: “In Wolfsburg we will apply the finishing touches before another nearly 1000km drive to the GTI Treffen in Wörthersee, Austria. The tour of Europe will include factory and museum visits and a visit to the famous Nurburgring race track.”

When the #CitiGolfChallenge is done the car will have travelled to three continents and its final destination will be America.

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