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Suzuki GXS R1000 models recalled for gearbox fault

GSX-R1000 - UK recall for gearbox fault. ImageL Suzuki UK / Newspress
GSX-R1000 – UK recall for gearbox fault. Image: Suzuki UK / Newspress

LONDON, England – Suzuki UK has confirmed a recall for more than 600 of its GSX-R1000 and GSX-R1000R motorcycles to correct a potential fault with upshifts from first to second gear

The recall will replace the ECU of affected machines. The Corner is awaiting comment from Suzuki SA to find out if the recall affects machines in South Africa.

If the gearbox fails to engage second it will go into ‘neutral’ and this could lead to very high engine revolutions,  excessive load on the powertrain, and over-stressing on the chain which could cause it to stretch, leave the cogs – or even break.


Owners of officially imported and registered machines affected by the recall will receive a letter advising them to contact their local authorised Suzuki dealers for the replacement component to be fitted.

Replacement stock is expected in March 2018. Meanwhile, be careful out there!

For further information contact you nearest dealer or Suzuki Bikes UK.

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