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Diss the crap: Should your next vehicle be diesel or petrol?

  • What Fuel? tool to help confused consumers
  • 5800 visits in first week favour use of diesel
  • …but most people  should be driving a hybrid (60%)
Image: What Car? / Newspress
Image: What Car? / Newspress

LONDON, England – Diesel-fuelled vehicles are suited to nearly three times the number of vehicle owners as those burning petrol.

That’s according to data from What Car?’s new What Fuel? tool.

However a hybrid vehicle, which currently account for only four percent of UK cars, could be the right choice for a whopping 60% of drivers.

The What Fuel? tool can be embedded into any website. It analyses factors such as annual kilometres, most-used type of roads, and most-frequent individual journeys to assess the best fuel to use – financially and environmentally.


Diesel vehicles were recently slammed by the British government, their exhaust demonised and its lack of clarity about taxation causing mass confusion. Basically, diesel cars cause less pollution that diesel – full stop.

The What Fuel? tool was launched on just before the UK’s biggest consumer motoring brand named the Volvo XC40 diesel as its 2018 Car of the Year.

More than 5800 road users employed the What Fuel? tool in its first week for a recommendation as to which fuel/power train should be used to be most cost-effective and efficient for an individual’s driving.

More than one in 10 (11%) found that a diesel was the best choice. Only four percent were told petrol would be best.


The choice of viable battery cars is growing but range anxiety and infrastructure count against them.  A hybrid (fossil fuel/battery) vehicle’s combination of a greener electric motor coupled with the added protection of a combustion engine increasingly makes them an ideal compromise for many.

What Car? Editor Steve Huntingford told The Corner in a media release: “Our recent research we showed more than half of drivers found the choice of new car was the most frustrating thing about the exercise.

“The number of engines, models, colours, accessories, spec levels and deals on offer,” Huntingford said, ”can feel completely overwhelming. The confusion can be compounded by uncertainty about fuel types, taxation and the future of the auto industry.

“Electric cars and hybrids are still a relatively new phenomenon and the (British) government is causing uncertainty about the suitability of diesel or petrol. People are desperate for clarity. The What Fuel? tool is designed to cut through some of this noise.”

The tool consists of four simple questions. It’s recommendations are calculated using factors that affect a vehicle’s suitability to a driver, such as running costs and emissions.

Try the What Fuel? tool here. It can be embedded into any website using embed the link there.

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