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Rob adds Green might to Toyota’s V8 Cruiser

  • Rob Green makes tough-guy Cruiser tougher
  • Find out what you get for R180 000 conversion
  • 4.5 diesel V8 re-turbo’ed for soar in torque
2018 TOYOTA CRUISER: Image: Supplied
2018 TOYOTA CRUISER:  The name on the driver’s door kind of tells the story itself. Image: Supplied

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – The ”bent eight ”, the media release tells The Corner, is no longer the preserve of the American Big 3 who made the configuration a synonym for grunt when pushrods, carbs and ”three-on-the-tree” gearshifts were the height of automotive fashion.

Most automakers and aftermarket experts have a V8 ready for slotting into relatively small spaces, says RGMotorsport in Johannesburg (thanks to it being shorter than a straight six) and has inherent smoothness and balance – jumbo-sized pistons and a crank like a steam engine’s.

2018 TOYOTA CRUISER: Image: Supplied
2018 TOYOTA CRUISER: Image: Supplied

Which brings us to Toyota’s 79 Land Cruiser bakkie, which is available with a mellow 4.5-litre turbodiesel with eight cylinders.  That, Rob Green says, might be fine for agricultural executives  but he’s added a high-performance Stage Three conversion to his existing aftermarket offerings on the big oil-burner.

Any agriman or other off-roader will appreciate 273kW and 913Nm of torque. Standard numbers on the 4.5 turbodiesel are 151kW and 430Nm – put the calculator down… that’s 80% more power and 112% more torque.

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The conversion adds 76mm Techniflow exhaust plumbing, a fatter turbocharger, a substantially enlarged intercooler and an upgraded clutch assembly rated for 1000Nm – it’ll stand up to serious abuse.

”Ensuring the pressurised fuel/air mix goes bang at the right time and in the correct proportions,” Green says, ”is a Unichip Uni-Q, the local-is-lekker engine management system.”

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Green, founder of RGMotorsport, told The Corner: “The longer I’ve been in this game the more I’ve come to realise that more is, indeed, more! Our 181kW Stage 1 and 215kW Stage 2 Land Cruiser V8 packages have already proved very popular with a defined buyer but the feedback was that they wanted extra grunt.

”We’ve obliged and the main difference to the S2 is a bespoke turbocharger rather than a hybridised standard one… oh, and the inclusion of the bulletproof clutch.” (Conversion price below image.)

2018 TOYOTA CRUISER: Image: Supplied
2018 TOYOTA CRUISER: Image: Supplied

All-in price on the conversion is R180 700, including a six-month or 20 000km warranty. The basic wheels will cost you around R700 000.

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