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UK ministers not practising what they preach on diesel

  • UK MP’s telling the evils of diesel power
  • …but ministers still in ‘smoky’ cars
  • Even the PM has a diesel armoured sedan
Image: Supplied
Image: Supplied

LONDON, England – More than half the cars used by UK government ministers – among them prime minister Theresa May and chancellor Philip Hammond – are diesel-fuelled.

The exposure was made by UK motoring magazine Car Dealer under the headline…

Hypocrites! The ministers
still in thrall to diesel

The industry title, using a Freedom of Information Act application, was told 58% of ministerial vehicles are diesel-powered, contradicting the government’s increasingly anti-diesel policies and coming just a month before new road tax rules are set to further penalise diesel drivers.

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Of 84 ministerial vehicles, 49 are diesel, among them 17 XJ Jaguars, eight Land Rover Discoverys, six Ford Galaxys and two Jaguar F Pace units. 16 Toyota Avensis units will be renewed through this month (Feb 2018) but the government would not name brand or model.

Six electric Nissan Leafs, 21 Ford Mondeo petrol hybrids and a hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai are also in the fleet (see image below).

Image: CarDealer magazine
Image: CarDealer magazine

Car Dealer magazine founder James Baggott said: “The government has waged a war on diesel car buyers, quite incorrectly, so it’s staggering to learn that only 58% of the fleet used by ministers – including the very man who has been leading the battle call for the new law – are still diesel-powered.

“Perhaps the government’s fleet buyers know what we all do – that diesel is often the right choice for a lot of buyers. These mixed messages are damaging the car industry; educating car-buyers about choosing the right fuel for must be at the front of ministers’ minds instead.”


Motoring journalist and TV presenter Quentin Willson added: “When 49 out of the 84 cars used to chauffeur ministers are still diesel the government isn’t exactly practising what it preaches. You can’t pontificate on diesel-car pollution and then be driven home in one.

”And why, out of those 84 cars, are only six electric?”

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A government spokesperson replied: “The prime minister told Parliament in January 2017 that the Government Car Service is working to remove diesel vehicles from its fleet.

“These vehicles are being replaced as they become due for renewal with fit-for-purpose non-diesel alternatives that take into consideration operational requirements.”

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