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McLaren launches Papaya Car – but will it bear fruit?

  • McLaren all set for 2018 F1 season
  • The colour? It’s called ‘papaya yellow”
  • First time with Renault power installed
McLAREN 2018 F1 CAR: Image: McLaren
2018 McLAREN F1 CAR: There should be no problem following these cars around the track during the 2018 Formula 1 racing season.  Image: McLaren

LONDON, England – McLaren on Friday revealed its much-anticipated new Formula 1 car – and for sure the colour scheme is striking.

The MCL33 will contest the 2018 Formula 1 World championship, and marks the first time in McLaren’s 52-year history that it has run a car powered by Renault engines.

Testing will start today in Barcelona (Feb 26 2018) ahead of the car racing in what the team calls ”a stunning new livery” inspired by the team’s papaya-orange and blue colour scheme with which McLaren first raced in Formula 1 50 years earlier.

McLAREN 2018 F1 CAR: Image: McLaren
McLAREN 2018 F1 CAR: Image: McLaren

The MCL33 will be driven by Spain’s Fernando Alonso – a double F1 champion entering his fourth consecutive season with McLaren – and Belgian Stoffel Vandoorne who’s starting his second F1 season.


McLaren says the engineering philosophy of the MCL33 follows the roots established by its predecessor and incorporates data accumulated from the 2017 season.

Much of the development, McLaren says, has involved the optimisation of packaging of the new Renault engine and the installation of the new halo (driver protection – Ed) device.

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The MCL33 underwent a filming day in Spain on Friday (Feb 23) ahead of the coming eight days of testing on the Catalunya circuit in Spain. – Carman’s Corner




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