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2018 X-Trail: Nissan upgrades its family all-roader

  •  Intelligent mobility features for safer driving
  • Seating for five or seven, 4×4 capabilities
  • ‘Space travel’ support from new seats
2018 NISSAN X-TRAIL: Image: Nissan SA
2018 NISSAN X-TRAIL: Image: Nissan SA

ROSSLYN, Gauteng – Automaker Nissan believes it’s kept up with the evolution of families and their needs over the years – and that its latest X-Trail ”is a perfect fit for any family”.

The brand claims to have pioneered the crossover segment and and that it now has  vehicles ”with exceptional qualities that give space to broaden horizons with an array of safety-oriented ‘Intelligent Mobility’ features.”

2018 NISSAN X-TRAIL: Image: Nissan SA
2018 NISSAN X-TRAIL: Image: Nissan SA

That includes a range of accessories for your pets, including an access ramp for the rear of the vehicle.


Nissan says it looked to space travel while designing its latest seats with their extra spinal support.

”The articulated front seat supports from pelvis to chest,” the automaker says, ”to optimise blood-flow. The cushions provide improved pressure distribution and the result is exceptional comfort, less fatigue, on long journeys.

”The Nissan Connect centre console has an upgraded interface; there’s new gloss-black trim with metallic accents; the sporty D-shaped steering-wheel is encased in leather; there are double-stitched leather seats; and there is an optional sunroof.”


The new SUV rides on new 17 or19” alloy wheel rims;  there are new body colours; there’s a new “V-Motion” grille and bumper, revised headlights and day-time running lights.

The front carries foul-weather lights, the diode tail lights include similar.

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The X-Trail has flexible seating system: the slideable middle row is of a  60/40 folding style and can recline. The third row, the automakers says, provides versatility and can be folded flat.

2018 NISSAN X-TRAIL: Image: Nissan SA
2018 NISSAN X-TRAIL: Image: Nissan SA

Nissan accessories, we’re told, were designed ”to make family adventures bigger and more enjoyable”.  They include weather shields, a tow ball, hard-wearing rubber mats, bonnet protector, headlight protectors and boot storage bags.

The X-Trail’s automatic all-wheel drive claims to be ”ultra-responsive and adaptable” for all conditions.


Blind-spot Intervention – alerts driver to the presence of vehicles diagonally behind the car.
Lane-straying intervention – alerts the driver of the vehicle drifts out of its lane.
Cross-traffic alert – can detect and warn the driver, while reversing, of approaching vehicles.
Emergency braking – uses radar to monitor vehicle  closing speed on vehicles ahead, warns the driver, or applies brakes if the driver fails to respond.
Frontal collision warning – warns the driver of an imminent collision with a slower or stationary vehicle.
Auto headlights – automatically applies low or high and low beams as approaching traffic approaches and departs.
View monitor – helps the driver to park with a 360-degree view around the X-Trail.


Nissan X-Trail prices range from R371 500 for the 2.0 Visia to R479 900 for the seven-seat 2.5 Tekna CVT 4WD.

Six-year or 150 000km warranty, three-year or 90 000km service plan, 24-hours’ roadside assistance.

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