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Haval crash-testing returns good results from Aussies

  • Haval SUV’s report exceptional crash safety
  • Current road-safety tactics ‘not working’
  • Five-star ratings from Aussie crash tests 
HAVAL SAFETY:   Image: Haval Motors / Quickpic

JOHANNESBURG, Gauteng – The statistics are in, and they confirm what most of us already know: South African roads are a dangerous place to be indeed – although not if you’re in an Haval. More of which in a minute.

14 050 people died in crashes on our roads in 2017, according to the Road Traffic Management Corporation, and the Automobile Association noted that the toll is worsening. Preliminary Easter road fatalities were 14% more the same period in 2017.


The AA reported: “These numbers, seen against the fatality statistics of the previous 10 years (from 2008), prove current road-safety initiatives are not working. Almost 135 000 people died in road crashes in South Africa over that decade.

”That is a shocking number which, without urgent intervention, genuine commitment from all role-players, and a complete change in the attitude of all road users, will never significantly decrease.”

HAVAL SAFETY:    Image: Haval Motors / Quickpic
HAVAL SAFETY:    Image: Haval Motors / Quickpic

All of which, Haval says, means that when on South African roads you should be in something as safe as houses. ”

Not surprisingly, the automaker suggests something such as an Haval H6, H6 C or H2 – the H2 having a five-star rating from the stringent ANCAP (Australasian new car assessment programme).

The Chinese-spec H6, meanwhile, demonstrated its credentials by flying through arguably the world’s most rigorous open rollover test in the Real Car Collision Laboratory of the China Automotive Technology and Research Centre


Company vice-president Samuel Chen said in a media release: “We applied the most meticulous and uncompromising technological standards. This safety collision evaluation system met all the global market requirements.”

The Australian system, if compared against tests in Europe and the US, is said to be more rigorous, more comprehensive in content, and more adaptable to roads all over the world. Haval says it also attracted huge media and buyer interest.

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”Especially as at the test site the Haval H6 (with a sunroof) was pushed sideways at 50 km/h by the rolling machine, before rolling for three and a half times on the special concrete pavement.

”Such is the body strength of the laser-welded H6  that the doors remained closed,and no visible crush or bending was apparent in the A-or B-pillar on the impact side.

” There was also no fuel leakage.”

The H6 – along with the H2 and H6 C – is available with six crash bags. The side and curtain bags for driver and passenger inflated.”

Tyrone Alberts, Haval SA’s national sales manager, told The Corner: “Haval is focusing on safety as a paramount part of its strategy and will continue to do so indefinitely. Its 2018 Beijing auto show stand had a stand that focused on safety developments.”

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