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Superhot new turbo VW Golf GTI TCR for Wörthersee ’18

  • 125 000 people arriving in 7300 cars
  • New top dog in the GTI range
  • Car’s top speed listed as 250km/h
VW GTI TCR: All set to rev at the 2018 Wortherdee GTi anual garthering in Belgium.
VW GTI TCR: All set to rev at the 2018 Wörthersee GTi annual gathering in Austria.. Image: VW

HERNDON, Virginia – The 2018 VW GTI gathering at Wörthersee in Austria on May 9 2018 – an expected 125 000 people arriving in 7300 cars – will also celebrate the debut of the near-production Golf GTI TCR.

The superhot car will become top dog in the GTI range, with 213kW on tap and expected to be in showrooms towards the end of 2018.

This special edition, VW says, will be the road-going version of the two-times overall winner of the international TCR race series. Its turbo engine will deliver that clout from 5000-6800rpm through a seven-speed direct-shift dual-clutch auto transmission and a standard limited-slip differential.

WATCH THE new car in action

The domestic car’s top speed is listed as 250km/h (a sort of convention aimed at the few unrestricted German autobahns) but turn off the electronic speed-limit and that rises to 263km/h.

The Golf GTI, with more than 2.2-million sales worldwide, has according to VW, become one of the world’s most successful compact sport cars since it was famously introduced in 1976 as an 82kW (no, don’t laugh, that was big stuff back then!) front-wheel drive hatch.

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It made, VW says (and The Corner happily agrees!), great driving dynamics affordable. Originally only 5000 were to assembled but VW found itself the leader of a hot-hatch revolution that today (May 2018) built – has reached 4400 times that number.

And for South Africa? VW SA replied to a query: ”No definitive plans as yet – or if at all. Once production-ready we will advise.”

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