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Hyundai UK adopting client-designed service plans

  • Hyundai UK launch give customer the call
  • Driving habits and use to be computed
  • Even a new set of tyres can be included

LONDON, England – Hyundai UK has launched a service plan programme that offers an alternative to the traditional fixed-price schemes.

It will be based on the customer’s individual driving habits, vehicle age, total covered distance and use, allowing customers to select vehicle service and repair options with flexible payment terms.

New system, partnered with a company called eDynamix, includes annual Ministry of Transport-dictated vehicle testing, discounted servicing and allows maintenance items such as tyres to be included.


Hyundai says the plan is ”an industry-first online service and repair plan platform which allows customers and dealers to build tailored packages based on driving habits, vehicle age, total distance covered, and usage”.

In short, customers can set a plan price based on their individual requirements; better, the annual service can be paid for with a monthly subscription.

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If a customer wants to create hisher own plan online and so bypass the dealer, it can be done on the Hyundai sevice plan website.

Nick Tunnell, Hyundai Motor UK aftersales director, told The Corner in a media release: “No matter the age of the car or odometer reading, customers will be able to access a suitable service and repair plan at a tailored and competitive price.

”That means peace-of-mind – an alternative to the ‘one-size-fits-all’ fixed-priced that tends to be the norm across the industry.”


Iain Nickalls, eDynamix’ director, further explained: “Manufacturers’ service plans have been sold as a capital-cost purchase, mainly on new vehicles and often tied to the finance agreement.

”People, typically, bought a number of services, not a service plan tailored to their driving style and ownership requirements. Now Hyundai is not only allowing customers to self-serve online but can also adopt a more customer-centric model.”

Simply put, the buyer can design hisher own service plan.

  • The Corner is awaiting a reply from Hyundai SA to the question of the new system being incorporated in South Africa.

Click here for more information about the British scheme.

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