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Hot video: 70 years of Lotus style writes track history

  • Celebration film marking 70 years of Lotus sports cars
  • 70th logo created using only smoking tyres
  • Exige Sport 410, Evora GT410 Sport used
SEVENTY YEARS OF LOTUS:Two cars go on the track to spell out exactly what is happening – with tyre rubber. Image: Lotus Cars / Newspress

LONDON, Engand – Lotus Cars is celebrating its 70th year of assembling  outstanding sports cars with a unique logo recorded on the test track at its headquarters in England.

The video leaves a 70-themed mark on the track’s skidpan using just two of its most celebrated models, a few sets of tyres, and the the precise driving required.

The automaker says ”it’s a fitting tribute to the precision engineering for which the marque is world-famous”.

You can watch the full unaltered film here:

Marking our territory. Celebrating 70 years on our test track.

Lotus, rather than relying on artificial aids or electronic trickery, says the video perfectly shows Lotus’s approach to sport cars by showing the action on the day as it unfolded, with the final aerial shot proving the cars’ and drivers’ ability.

Piloted by Gavan Kershaw (head of attributes) and Daniel Peck (vehicle dynamics engineer), Lotus says, ”the duo are part of the Lotus team responsible for instilling the performance and agility that every Lotus has engineered into its DNA”.

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Using an Exige Cup 410 and Evora GT410 Sport, they created a 70th tribute logo using just the cars’ tyre marks – a light-hearted celebration as the company continues to celebrate the genius of Lotus founder Colin Chapman.

Colin Chapman built his first competition car in a small London lock-up garage back in 1948, following his personal theories about a car’s performance. He formed Lotus Engineering in 1952 and from there the company continued to innovate road and race engineering.

”By for ever changing the very nature and intent of car design,” Lotus said, ”Chapman was at the vanguard of a new way of thinking. His concepts are as relevant today as they were 70 years ago.”

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