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Blower problems? Go direct to, well, TurboDirect SA

  • Turbo problems – work with the experts
  • OE equipment direct from manufacturers
  • Turbo repairs, parts – even complete units
TURBO IN ACTION. LV turbo with air exhaust flows, Image: TurboDirect SA
TURBO IN ACTION. LV turbo with air exhaust flows, Image: TurboDirect SA

JOHANNESBURG, Gauteng – Having trouble with or worried about the performance of the turbocharger on your vehicle or other industrial power sources or – worse –  the quality and  provenance of replacements?

There is a solution…

TurboDirect SA in Isando, Johannesburg, claims to be the leading and most experienced turbo operator in southern Africa as an agency for OEMs Honeywell Garrett, BorgWarner, Mitsubishi, IHI, Holset and other brands.

A turbocharger runs at incredibly high revolutions so maintenance or replacement by professionals it vital; TurboDirect asserts that it is a safe haven for both.

CHRIS KAMBOURIS: TurboDirect SA's founder and MD.
CHRIS KAMBOURIS: TurboDirect SA’s founder and MD.

The company opened in the mid-1990s as an automotive performance-based operations to support the local racing industry but its customer base soon expanded into other market sectors – among them OE for passenger and commercial vehicles, agricultural and mining operations, and many other applications.


Flash forward to 2018 and TurboDirect SA is now active in all turbocharger market sectors as a provider of complete turbochargers and all related repair components. It can also offer repairs to any manufacturer’s specs and standards.

It is also an accredited agent for all leading international brands and has a strategic partnership with them to supply quality OEM turbochargers such those from Garrett, BorgWarner, Mitsubishi and many other leading international brands.


Chris Kambouris, TurboDirect SA’s founder and MD, told The Corner in a media release: “One of our many strengths is having unrivalled technical expertise and experience to offer the most comprehensive solution for any turbocharger.

“We’re an official Garrett and BorgWarner master distributor and can supply, repair and balance all makes and models of turbos or supply new genuine-brand turbos to vehicle owners, dealers, and repairers.


“TurboDirect SA is the official technical face for OE turbochargers on all vehicles – passenger, commercial, generators, compressors, marine, mining, and agricultural . We can service, supply and replace the same turbo that is in your vehicle.”

GARRETT TURBO: Genuine new equipment. Image: TurboDirect SA
GARRETT TURBO: Genuine new equipment. Image: TurboDirect SA

The company claims to have a proven record of accomplishment in the turbo and related products industry with international OEM brands for all manufacturers models plus a huge range of products designed and manufactured by themselves.


”Not all of the industry and car owners are aware that our brands are OE,” Kambouris added, ”the very same units as in their vehicle.  We offer affordable prices and customers can deal direct, have their unit fitted, or pass it on to a repairer.

”Do your homework when repairing, buying, and replacing a turbo or, better still, call TurboDirect SA direct.

  • For more information call (011) 392-5195, e-mail, or go to their website .Trade queries welcome.

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