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You don’t have to like the driver to pick a winner

MONZA, Italy – Ferrari, according to Reuters F1 pundit Alan Baldwin, had every hope of winning its home Italian Grand Prix for the first time since 2010 last Sunday.

”But then they blew it,” the veteran motorsport writer said.

However, The Corner replies, the wave of enthusiasm for the red cars included the usual put-down for Mercedes and its ace driver Lewis Hamilton – like him or not, he is just the best darn driver in F1.

Whatever, Baldwin continued in his race review: ”The post-mortems were in full swing on Monday with the front-page headline of the mass-circulation Gazzetta dello Sport declaring ‘Autogol Ferrari!’ (Own goal, Ferrari!).”

READ THE FULL Reuters feature here.

Ferrari had the fastest cars, the support of thousands and thousands of red-clad Tifosi, and home track. And, of course, Mr Baldwin and other pundits too scared to counter the wave of Ferrari fever.

Its cars even started 1-2.

”Ferrari had everything going for it at Monza,” Baldwin wrote. ”They had momentum from Sebastian Vettel winning the previous race in Belgium, dominating practice, and a huge groundswell of support.”

Moral of the story: You don’t have to like the driver or his team, but do try to have a little commonsense.

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