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Ready to roll: Audi hoping e-Tron’s silence will be golden

Audi e-Tron
JUST A GLIMPSE: The first Audi e-Tron. Audi Belgium senior staffers with the first unit off the line. Image: Audi Brussels

BRUSSELS, Belgium – Audi Belgium has started line assembly of the Audi e-Tron, the brand’s first all-electric SUV, here in Europe.

The automaker says the occasion is ”a major waypoint” on the journey towards electrification of Audi range and that the vehicles can be charged for ”a long-distance journey” in only 30 minutes.

The cars will have their world premiere in San Francisco on September 17, 2018.


Peter Kössler, Audi board member for logistics, told The Corner in a media communication: “The e-Tron is a genuine pioneer with innovative technology that includes virtual exterior mirrors and combines Audi handling and dynamics with technical Vorsprung that goes far beyond the car.

”It’s the world’s first certified CO2-neutral, mass-production, premium car and offsets all emissions produced in production and at the site, primarily by using energy from renewable sources but also through environmental projects, battery technology and the drive system.”

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Patrick Danau, Audi Brussels MD, added that since the middle of 2016 the plant had, step-by-step, rebuilt its body and paint shops and assembly line, set up its own battery production and given employees (in total) more than 200 000 hours of training.

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