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Just a reminder: Help yourself (and others!) to be safe on the roads

CAPE TOWN, South Africa – Sometimes we need reminding about the basics when it comes to engaging with other road users so The Corner wants to pass them on – take a few minutes for some skills revision…

Keep the following in mind all the time when you are driving or riding:

Be aware of the vehicle ahead – give them plenty of space.
Slow down – don’t exceed the speed of surrounding traffic. Speed is not, in itself, the issue but rather speed differential.
Don’t cut in front of a large truck! They take much longer to stop than cars and other smaller vehicles. A loaded tractor/trailer rig might need more than 100m, depending on speed, gradient and weather.
Buckle your crash restraint belt; won’t prevent a crash but it will help you to live through out.
Eyes on the road! Put your cellphone while driving – no phone or message is worth your life.
Prepare yourself and your vehicle before a long drive. Make sure your vehicle maintenance is up-to-date, that you are well-rested, fed, and hydrated – and keep some. ”safety supplies” in the car: water, snacks, blanket, and torch.
Report any apparently intoxicated driver (stop to make the call!) and don’t play chicken with driving fools.
Take note of the blind spots of large trucks: if you can’t see the driver, he can’t see you. Overtake  them ONLY on the right.
Be flexible. If the weather is threatening try to drive another day.

  • Safe driving is not a choice, its also your responsibility.

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