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New Thule roof boxes: Low fuel-burn, aerodynamic and spacious

AERODYNAMIC AND STYLISH: Thule’s latest stylish and spacious roof-mounted cargo box. Image: Supplied


JOHANNESBURG, Gauteng – Italian motoring magazine, Automobilismo recently tested seven roof-mounted luggage boxes and voted the Thule Motion XT the best.

The title, considered one of the country’s most influential (190 000 copies printed), scored the Thule box 45 out of a possible 50 points with a maximum 10 achieved in two of five categories.

The magazine’s testers found the Thule product to be not only the quietest but also best regarding quality and detail.

 JUST THE RIGHT LENGTH: Thule roofboxes have universal mounting.  Image: Supplied

To quote the writer of the test: “Its not just about the quality or the perceived robustness’. We found out that behind Thule there’s a careful aerodynamic study that makes this box very quiet, without any rustle or hiss.

”Fuel consumption is lowest of the competitors on the market”.

Thule luggage boxes and other products are imported by SA Sport & Cargo and are available through Thule Partner Stores.


READ MORE about Thule products in SA here.


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