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Fake classic cars to be created with batteries

All-new cars that look like the real thing

Electric power – forget the classic engine roar

All the looks of the original – but do they have heart?

LONDON, England – Midlands classic motoring specialist RBW Classic Electric Cars has joined forces with global leading names to secure the future of classic motoring with the launch of two limited edition electric recreations.

The cars will, however, not be real ”classics” but instead recreations with new copied shells, new components, and electric propulsion.

RBW is working closely with Zytek Automotive, part of Continental AG, who provides the world championship-winning technology applied to Formula E race cars. The aim is to create stunning vehicles that have the aesthetic appeal of a classic car but with all the engineering of a modern electric vehicle.

Managing director Peter Swain told The Corner in a media communication: “Our aim is make these great classic cars better for the modern age. To do that we’ve been fortunate to have support from companies which share our ethos.”


The first electric creation is an RBW MGB, the second an XKSS based on the Jaguar model of the same badge. Each, it’s said, preserves the econic designs for the future classic owner.

However, rather than using an old bodyshell with distressed and tired metal, RBW has partnered with British Motor Heritage and Gregson Polska to provide new body shells.

Swain again: “Our research and development put cars through vigorous testing to see how much pressure is on the body components. Such is the power of the engine that we had to use new components wherever possible to ensure the best for owners to enjoy from their classic electric sport car.”

An initial 30 units, each a limited-edition, hand-built vehicle, were shown to the motoring trade at Cenex, a showcase of low-carbon vehicles over September 12/13 2018. A public launch will follow at a trade show in Birmingham, central England, over November 9-11 2018 at which units can be ordered.

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