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Mazda electrification plans – ‘taking the long view’

  • Mazda punting future electric power
  • Support from small rotary engines
  • Connectivity to help ‘social issues’

TOKYO, Japan – Automaker Mazda says it wants to develop electrification and connectivity plans based on a long view of technological development and badge it as Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030

This mission, the automaker hopes, will ”preserve the beauty of Earth, enrich society and individuals, and find solutions in the areas of people, society and Earth”.

The intention (nothing new here!) is to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions while ”enhancing the joy of driving” through compact and light electrification technology and the refinement of the the internal combustion engine”.


Mazda sees the concept as being responsible for automotive propulsion for most new cars for many years to come. Electricity would, however, become the best solution in regions enabled by a lot of electricity generation. The idea is to…

Achieve a 90% reduction from 2010 levels in its corporate average “oil well-to-wheel” carbon dioxide emissions by 2050 through electrification being available for all production vehicles by 2030.

By which date Mazda expects ICE’s to be combined with some form of electrification in a ratio of 95/5%, the smaller proportion being electric.

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Two battery vehicles are planned – one powered solely by battery, the other using a small and light, but powerful, rotary engine to top up the battery as a range-extender – possibly burning liquid petroleum gas (LPG).

In line with its human-focused development philosophy, Mazda will develop connectivity technology ”’to enrich the joy of life by connecting people to share experiences and feelings through cars”.


It’s higher target, the automaker says, is ”to contribute to the resolution of social issues, such as the weakening of personal connections that has accompanied changes in society”.

That long-time mantra of automakers – ”customer satisfaction” – will be another target for improvement but meanwhile, the Zoom-Zoom people say, ”Mazda will continue to pursue the joy of driving and work to create an even deeper emotional connection with customers through car ownership”.

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