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Sainz says Alonso quitting F1 will hurt the sport

MEXICO CITY, Mexico – Two-times World Formula 1 champion Fernando Alonso’s leaving the annual series will reflects badly on the sport, fellow.

That’s Spaniard driver Carlos Sainz’ opinion, anyway, as Reuters reports. Four years have not seen Alonso, now 37, has had four years with McLaren, which team hasn’t won a race since 2012.

His most recent win was for Ferrari back in 2013 and Sainz, a Renault driver taking Alonso’s place at McLaren in 2019, said ahead of the 2018 Mexican GP: ”It will be a big loss for F1, which should consider why one of the best drivers is leaving and why we cannot have a more-competitive grid.”

READ THE LONGER, FULL, feature on Reuters

Only three teams have won since hybrid power arrived in 2014: Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull and Force India’s Mexican Sergio Perez is the only driver from outside those top three teams to reach the podium this season.

Formula 1 owner Liberty Media wants the premier racing formula to be more competitive.

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