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US lists Honda ‘better choices’ for teen drivers

  • US institute lists older Hondas ‘Best choices’
  • Four more models listed as ‘Good Choices’
  • Vehicle crashes leading killer of US teenagers

NEW YORK – A number of used Honda vehicles have been recognised by America’s Insurance Institute for Highway Safety as better choices for teenage drivers.

IIHS research suggests the type of vehicle has a major effect on the degree of risk in a collision and showed many teen drivers had vehicles lacking important safety technology.

The institute has, since 2014, compiled a list of safer models. Honda pre-owned were among the “best choices” for teen drivers under $20 0001, among them the Accord sedan and coupe (2013 and later), CR-V (2015 and later), and Odyssey (2014 and later).


The Accord sedan (2012), CR-V (2012 and later), and Odyssey (2011-2013) were included on the list of “good choices” for teenagers (less than $10 0001

Ray Mikiciuk from Honda sales, told The Corner in a media release from the US: ”Our early investment in advanced body structures helped us to achieve top third-party safety ratings.”

Research conducted by IIHS found that motor vehicle crashes were the leading cause of death among teenagers.

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