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Arc Vector: You’re looking at the future of motorcycling

  • Ground-breaking haptic ride-wear, connected  helmet
  • Safest, most fulfilling, battery-bike experience yet
  • It also has a ‘human machine interface’
FUTURE OF  ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLES: Well, it seems they are here with the Vector. Image: JLR

PRETORIA, Gauteng – InMotion Ventures, Jaguar Land Rover’s venture capital fund, has revealed its investment in Arc, which today (Nov 6 2018) unveiled  the Vector – the world’s first fully-electric motorcycle.

It also has a ”human machine interface”. Read on…

Arc Vector is said to be the most advanced electric motorcycle yet brought to market and included exotic materials, thoroughbred components and cutting-edge architecture.


And in case you hadn’t notices,  in a futuristic body.

”The investment from InMotion Ventures and other investors,” The Corner was told, ”along with a number of industry specialists will support Arc, the Vector, and its global ambition to be the cleanest, safest, and most fulfilling motorcycle on the road.”

STILL SHROUDED IN SECRECY: Before the launch. Image: JLR

The brand-new bike was revealed at the Milan Motorcycle Show on Nov 6 2018 on the Arc show stand along with its matching ”ground-breaking” intelligent haptic ride-wear and connected head-up display helmet.


A virtual reality ride experience was available for attendees (which, unfortunately, didn’t include The Corner’s biking editor).

The Arc team involves industry-leading professionals united in their desire to develop and build an all-new experience on two wheels.

Mark Truman, founder and CEO of Arc, explained: “Our aim has always been to unite technology, performance and safety  to create an entirely new two-wheeled experience.

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”Vector isn’t just a motorbike – it’s the world’s first fully-electric café racer, it’s an innovative head-up display helmet, and it’s a sensory riding suit – each working in unison to create an experience package like no other.”

MEET THE NEXT GENERATION OF MOTORCYCLES: Super-clean with electric power. Image: Supplied

”We’re delighted to get the support of InMotion for this exciting launch phase. The team shares our vision and we’re looking forward to working together and creating more ground-breaking products.”


Sebastian Peck, MD of InMotion Ventures, said: “Electric vehicles are vital for the future of urban mobility, to help people travel through cities quickly and cleanly.

”We want to make sure  we’re not only changing the way people move but also delivering unparalleled outdoor experiences.

”With Arc’s technology and vision, the Vector is an incredible development in the next generation of motorcycle travel.”

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