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New BMW F850 GS Adventure: High-tech comes to real touring

  • High-tech, auto emergency call system
  • 550km range from new central 55-litre tank
  • Whole catalogue of useful accessories
2018 BMW F850 G: Image: BMW Mptprrad
2018 BMW F850 GS ADVENTURE: Image: BMW Mptprrad

MUNICH, Germany – For more than a decade the GS models in BMW Motorrad’s midsize F series motorcycles are said to have embodied the premium range of the middleweight travel and adventure enduro.

The lay claim to high-level touring ability, long-distance comfort, dynamic riding and superior off-road qualities are its outstanding strengths.

BMW says the new F850 GS Adventure, following the 2017 F750 GS and F850 GS, will grow the premium Motorrad range with this model that’s based on the dynamic and off-road-oriented character of the F850 GS.

2018 BMW F850 G: Image: BMW Mptprrad
2018 BMW F850 GS ADVENTURE: Image: BMW Mptprrad

”The new Adventure,” Motorrad says, ”ideally unites agility and touring ability as well as greater off-road competence and outstanding long-distance qualities.


”Like the boxer-engined GS Adventure models, the new F850 GS Adventures give dedicated travel enduro riders, off-road orientated touring riders, and globetrotters a perfect companion with which to explore the remote corners of the planet.”

The developers say they’ve achieved ”a powerful and emotionally appealing” engine sound through a crankshaft with a 90-degree crankpin offset and 270/450 degree ignition spacing to absorb vibration – it’s absorbed by two counterbalance shafts.

A self-amplifying, anti-hopping, clutch not only provides a discernible reduction hand effort in operating the clutch lever but  also enhances road safety through the drop in engine-drag torque.

2018 BMW F850 G: Image: BMW Mptprrad
2018 BMW F850 GS ADVENTURE: Image: BMW Mptprrad

Power goes to the rear wheel through a six-speed gearbox and a chain now positioned on the left side of the rear fork.

BMW explains that the bikes address individual riders’ requirements with standard “Rain” and “Road” ride modes; a combination of anti-lock brakes and automatic stability control promise a high level of safety.

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It adds: ”Following traffic, thanks to the (standard) dynamic brake light, is made even more aware of the braking motorcycle. and the machines can be be fitted ex- works with “Pro” riding modes and additional “Dynamic”, “Enduro” and “Enduro Pro” riding modes as well as traction control and banking-capable ABS Pro.”

The bridge frame uses the twin-cylinder in-line engine as a supporting element and the 23-litre fuel tank (BMW suggests a range of 550km) is in the classic position between the seat and the steering head (earlier GS models had it under under the seat).

2018 BMW F850 G: Image: BMW Mptprrad
2018 BMW F850 GS ADVENTURE: Image: BMW Mptprrad

A new and more masculine body design emphasises the F850 GS Adventures’ globetrotting suitability and the larger windshield can be adjusted in two stages.


Hand-protectors will help to keep your hands dry while wide enduro footrests, adjustable shift and foot-brake levers, engine protection bars and a stainless steel luggage rack round off the F 850 GS Adventure’s standard equipment.

In addition to the basic version, the new F850 GS Adventure is available in Exclusive and Rallye style models.

”The new F850 GS Adventure will be launched with a unique range of equipment options,” Motorrad says. ”Whether different seat heights, such as the seat bench for two (same as the standard F850 GS), a case holder for a the aluminium cases and trim panels, the diode headlight and extra headlight.”

Connectivity includes a 16.5cm colour TFT data display.

2018 BMW F850 G: Image: BMW Mptprrad
2018 BMW F850 GS ADVENTURE: Image: BMW Mptprrad

To cut what could be a very long feature, Motorrad has condensed the other basic details:

  • Powerful 850cc twin-cylinder in-line engine capable of  70kW at 8250 rpm and 92Nm at 6250rpm
  • New upside-down telescopic fork plus aluminium two-sided swingsrm with central spring strut for a sensitive response
  • ABS, ASC and the riding modes “Rain” and “Road” as standard
  • Electronic suspension as an option
  • New electrics with more powerful alternator and starter.
  • Diode headlight
  • Diode daytime riding light
  • Option of a self-activating emergency call

    2018 BMW F850 G: Image: BMW Mptprrad
    2018 BMW F850 GS ADVENTURE: Image: BMW Mptprrad
  • Optimised off-road and travel suitability through better wind and weather protection
  • Optimised ergonomics, especially for off-roading
  • Enhanced new-design GS Adventure profile
  • New colours along with style variants Rallye and Exclusive.
  • A range of optional equipment and accessories said to be ”unique in the middle class”.

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