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Gold mine in your garage! Brits go Airbnb with their cars

  • Let your car out of the garage for income
  • Mobile Airbnb the new concept in UK
  • Some folk earning as much as R9250 a month

LONDON, England – Here’s something of which you must be seeing more and more, every day, and hundreds of thousands of property owners are coining it with accommodation that makes regular hotels look and sound dated – and very expensive. They share private accommodation and offer such as this…

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So, isn’t it about time us car owners got in on the act by ”renting” our car(s) to holidaymakers and taking on the likes of Avis, Thrifty and Budget? Which should, of course, have the hire-car industry rushing to the government to get legal protection… anyway, here’s what’s happening in the UK…

This feature of out England says the nation’s car-owners are wasting hundreds of thousands of pounds (read SA rands) every year by leaving their car in the garage, paying for a vehicle they rarely drive, according to a a study by peer-to-peer car-sharing marketplace Turo.


Its poll of 2000 motorists from across the UK found the average driver spends 456 hours every year driving his personal wheels – roughly close to nine hours a week. For the remaining 8304 hours, the cars are idle – makes you think, hey!

Turo says the average Briton’s car is worth £14 000 (about R260 000, Nov 2018) and costs a further £1118  (about R21 000) a year for servicing and other personal and official documentation maintenance. ”On average,” Turo’s survey says, ”Britons leave their car totally unused for three days a week.”

Turo UK’s spokesman and director Xavier Collins told The Corner in a media communication: “Many of us are happy to spend a small fortune on our cars – often one of the biggest investments we make – yet we never release their full potential but we’re starting to see people looking for access resources they require, but don’t own.


”Turo democratises car-ownership, offering anybody the opportunity to hire out their own car or rent from somebody else, earning and repaying that investment.”

Four in 10 Brits go two weeks or longer without using their car, most often when they’ve taken a holiday. One in three admits realising their car is just wasting money while not being driven – but they still need it at times and won’t let anyone else drive it because of insurance penalties.

Turo is hoping more Brits will realise the inherent value in their wheels and offer their Betty’s, Betsy’s and Fifi’s to others and start reaping the financial rewards, with the average host earning the equivalent of at least R9250 a month

Fancy the idea – which might, of course, require changes to South African legislation and road rules? Then take a look at Turo’s websiteto see how it works.

And perhaps make a booking for your next visit to the UK…

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