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Ford hops on for SanFran’s ‘last km’ mobility solution – scooters

SAN FRANCISCO, California – Ford Smart Mobility has acquired Spin, an electric scooter-sharing company that provides customers with a way to ”cover the last (or first) kilometre”.

”The acquisition,” Ford  says, ”is our latest strategic move to build a mobility portfolio to help customers to get to (or return from)  places more easily and quickly – and less cheaper. Scooters allow cities to offer an equitable last-kilometre solution to their residents thanks to lower cost.

”Combined with ease-of-use and electric power, a scooter can reduce urban traffic, parking limitations, and pollution.”


Spin says the number of mobility options has risen dramatically in recent years. ”In some situations people use multiple forms of transport during a single trip. The fast-paced, often experimental, mobility sector requires businesses to keep up with agile and adaptable customers.”

Ford believes the time has come for it to weigh-in and Spin already operates in 13 cities and university campuses across the US.

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