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Honda Civic Sport Line: Santa special delivery

  • Sleek and stylish, glossy black cosmetic additions
  • Black leather interior with contrast red stitching
  • Constantly variable or manual transmission options
    ALL READY FOR CHRISTMAS: Honda UK has introduced a Christmas special to its Civic range. Image: Honda UK / Newspress

    LONDON, England – Honda UK has added a Sport Line model to its Civic range, a one-litre 96kW engine in both manual and CVT ”auto” backed by a catalogue of extra features and styling.

    The cars, Honda UK says, introduce a sleeker, more dynamic, shell that has lower front and side skirts and a rear diffuser, each finished in high-gloss black. The same finish has been applied to the cars’ external mirrors.

    The seats have ”unique and bespoke” black leather upholstery detailed with red stitching and exclusive to the Sport Line models.


    Otherwise, Honda says, the cars are based on SR-grade specs which include auto aircon, cruise control, electric power-steering, auto high beam, privacy glass, Bluetooth, hands-free cellphone connection, reversing camera, auto braking, and a 19cm touchscreen to handle audio and journey data, Garmin satnav, and Apple CarPlay/ Android Auto.

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    Body-colour choice is white, red or blue and, in the UK, the cars will start at the equivalent of R393 000. (Dec 2018).

    Honda UK representative Phil Webb told Carman’s Corner: “This special Civic is a fantastic addition to our current line up, a great end to 2018 for Honda UK. They will be popular with folk who want something a little more distinctive and individual.”


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