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Pavement parking: Millions of Brits could be ‘evicted’

  • Government review could ban it across UK
  • About 10% regularly park on a pavement
  • Only illegal in London – Scotland is pressing ahead
CURBING KERBING: The whole of Britain could have to find off-pavement parking. Image: Supplied

LONDON, England – Millions of UK car commuters who park overnight on the pavements close to their often terraced homes could be forced to change the way they park.

At present, website YourParking Space reports, it is only illegal to park on a pavement in London. Scotland, however, is pressing ahead already.

Often car owners have no choice: millions of homes in the UK were built post-World War 2 when car ownership was a rarity so a house with a garage was out of the price range for ordinary people.

A survey by online parking portal revealed that millions of Brits regularly park on a pavement, almost 1-in-10 doing so every night – about three million a night.


Pavement parking is also a weekly occurrence for more than 20% yet millions of other drivers want the pavement people to be fined.

Harrison Woods, managing director at, said: “Parking splits opinion, especially the issue of parking on pavements. In many parts of the UK it is still allowed but this could soon change as the Government reviews the issue.

”The outcome could affect the parking habits of millions. Parking on a pavement can cause real inconvenience to pedestrians but some motorists feel it is their only option.

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“Our advice, where pavement parking is allowed, is to always make sure there’s plenty of room for pedestrians to pass and to be aware of people with a pushchair, impaired sight, or using a wheelchair.”

Which brings us to the reason for the feature: Using – and paying for – the privilege of using a nearby house driveway for parking – hourly, daily, weekly or monthly – is how YourParkingPlace makes its money.


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