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Sick of being car-sick? Here’s an answer from Citroën

PARIS, France – More than 30-million people in Europe are believed to succumb to chronic travel sickness so automaker Citroën has created SeeTROËN, the first eyewear intended to eliminate motion sickness.

SUFFER FROM CARSICKNESS> Well, the solution is said to be with special glasses. Image: Citroen

The principle is said to be simple – the lenses contain a coloured liquid that maintains the horizon line to resolve conflict between vision and stomach.senses. The glasses are selling in Europe at Citroën Lifestyle Boutiques for the equivalent of about R1600.

WATCH THE glasses in action here

The classes were initially developed for sailors but Citroën has adapted the tech for on any means of transport and are said to be 95% effective.

Rings in the lenses have a coloured moving liquid which simulates the horizon and resolves the conflict between the senses that causes the sickness.


The glasses should be worn as soon as initial symptoms of motion sickness are experienced,  After about 10 minutes they will let the brain re-synchronise with the movement perceived by the inner ear while the eyes are focused on an immobile object such as a smartphone or a book.

The glasses can then be removed for the rest of the journey.

There are no correction lenses in the glasses so anybody can use any pair. There are no lenses in the glasses so they can be shared with travelling companions. This also enables them to be worn over prescription glasses.

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