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New car or van for ’18? Try the Opel range

  • Turbo keynote to coming 2019 vehicles
  • First to come will be a 120Y Special Edition
  • In March will come an OPC-Line sport pack
FLAGSHIP FOR OPEL IN 2019: The Corsa ranges is being updated for the new year - along with some commercials. Image: Opel SA
FLAGSHIP FOR OPEL IN 2019: The Corsa ranges is being updated for the new year – along with some commercials. Image: Opel SA

CAPE TOWN, South Africa: Opel, a brand about to celebrate its 120th anniversary, will bring seven new models to showrooms across South Africa through 2019, supported by a multitude of specification updates to 2018 vehicles.

Arriving in April will be a three-door Corsa GSi 1.4T, its turbo engine capable of 110kW. The car is said to have a dynamic design emphasised by sharp, clear, lines and a cabin with Recaro seats and a sport steering-wheel.

Before it, in March, will come an Opel Corsa 120Y Special Edition based on the Corsa Enjoy and carrying extra styling and specification features – among them a Tech Pack III with parking radar, rear camera, chromed mouldings, sill plates, black upholstery and velour mats bearing the legend 120 Years.


The Opel Astra, winner of the 2016 European Car of the Year and 2017 SA Car of the Year, will have an automatic 1.6T Sport, also in March, and adding an OPC-Line sport pack, and OPC-Line cabin pack that will add alloy sport pedals, sport mode and a leather-wrapped steering wheel.

The rest of the Astra car range will be adorned with an ”even further enriched” that will include a road data computer and a one-litre turbo engine.

1.4T Enjoy units will receive keyless entry, parking radar, rearview camera auto aircon, electric parking brake and blind-spot alerts.

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SUV lovers will – again in April – find the Opel Crossland X Enjoy packing a 1.6 turbodiesel engine packing 68kW ahead of a five-speed manual gearbox. Its sister, the 1.6T auto, will also be updated – this model to ride on 18″ alloy wheels/tyres and and with front foul-weather lights, rear privacy glass, and roof rails.

The Enjoy Plus 1.6T auto will add a sunroof, satnav, infotainment set-up, and heatable seats with leather upholstery.


New or updated models will also pepper the range of Opel commercials. The short-wheelbase Opel Combo 1.6 turbodiesel panel van will arrive in May with15″ steel wheel-rims, a 600kg load rating, sliding side door, partition wall, aircon, audio with Bluetooth, two crash bags, anti-theft and, if needed, a tow ball.

Opel SA has committed to customised service solutions to help keep customers on the road.

Finally, far ahead in November 2019, will come another commercial, the Opel Vivaro.

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