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Avoid those roadside tyre deals – they could be fatal

SAFE – OR POTENTIAL KILLERS? The roadside sale of used vehicle tyres is flourishing in the UK but a recent swoop showed every dealer to be illegal. And it’s perhaps even worse in South Africa. Image: supplied

LONDON, England – Investigations by TyreSafe during Tyre Safety Month have revealed a shocking 99% of UK ”part-worn” tyre retailers were selling illegal and dangerous tyres.

Given he number of used-tyre sellers along South Africa’s roads, it’s likely that the the situation here is even worse. And the Christmas lemming run is about to start…

In the UK 18 investigations were carried out at 68 such traders and all but one were supplying tyres which contravened the legislation governing their sale.

Even more concerning: of the 129 tyres inspected, 75% were unsafe.


TyreSafe has been working with Trading Standards for many years but during a recent Tyre Safety Month a range of enforcement agencies also participated – among them police forces and fire services, the Environment Agency, the Department for Work and Pensions, and the Health and Safety Executive.

In a week of activity in north-eastern England a multi-agency team visited 29 businesses, none of which complied with the regulations.

”These dreadful findings,” Tyresafe said, ”support our advice for motorists to think twice before buying part worn part. There is no guarantee the tyres being sold to them are safe.

”Investigations also highlight a high level of incompetence among traders.”


Stuart Jackson, TyreSafe’s chairman, told The Corner in a media release: “These findings were a shock despite years of appalling results from these investigations. How can it be acceptable that three-quarters of the those on sale were unsafe?

”Tyres are essential to road safety – selling dangerous ones is putting lives at risk.”

Which pretty much sums up the situation here in South Africa where piles of used tyres can be seen along the road. Which no doubt adds to country’s road-death toll and makes The Corner wonder why such operations still exist.

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