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Get on the web! Build your own McLaren Spyder supercar

  • Digital configurator, all colours, all options
  • Buyers can explore a myriad permutations
  • Real McLaren 720S Spider will colst $315 000
McLaren Spyder 720S
BUILD YOU OWN SPYDER ON THE WEB:  Sport-car maker McLaren is offering a free computer program to the public to design their very own  McLaren Spyder 720S. If you want what you design, the price is in the feature below. Image: McLaren/Newspress

ANYBODY with internet access can now create what McLaren calls ”their dream car” – a McLaren 720S Spider – using a two-dimensional configurator.

The digital system can be accessed without restriction or password to let potential customers and car enthusiasts to view and specify current McLaren Sports Series and Super Series models.

Or go to a McLaren outlet to use a three-dimensional ”real-time” configurator and show their creation on a large screen.

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The system offers 37 body colors – one of them the Aztec Gold in the image above – or choose from 14 McLaren Special Operations colours.

Various ‘By McLaren’ Designer cabin themes and an extensive range of options can also be explored, among such popular upgrades as carbon-fibre, Alcantara and genuine leather.


”All requirements outside of an MSO Bespoke order,” McLaren says, ”can be satisfied.”

The image above is of an Aztec Gold model with 10-spoked ‘Stealth” alloy wheel rims, black-and-white brake calipers, carbon-fibre packs and a carbon-fibre rollcage, stanless-steel sport exhaust, special diffuser, and carbon-fibre air Intakes.

YOU CAN open the 2D configurator here.

  • The car had its global debut in early December 2018. If you’d like to order one you’d better have $315 000 to hand. Happy Christmas!

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