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Hyundai brings whole new meaning to ‘touch ‘n go’

  • World-first fingerprint tech for Hyundai
  • Pads will unlock, start and adjust everything
  • Updates will be done automatically
WHOLE NEW MEANING TO 'PUSH-STARTING': Hyundai's Santa Fe SUV is about to get a whole new security system. Image: Hyundai / Newspress
WHOLE NEW MEANING TO ‘PUSH-STARTING’: Hyundai’s Santa Fe SUV is about to get a whole new security system. Image: Hyundai / Newspress

LONDON, England – Hyundai has announced the pending introduction of fingerprint technology to unlock and start its vehicles from 2019.

First to be equipped will be Santa Fe SUV units to be released in some world markets within the next three months.

Encrypted information held in a finger-pad on the vehicle’s door will (or, of course, won’t!) identify the human and release the locks. Touching another pad close to the steering-wheel will activate the vehicle’s ignition system and start the engine.


The tech does not, however, stop there… the system will identify the human in the driver’s seat and adjust seat positions, any connected vehicle features, and external mirrors.

Albert Biermann, head of research and development for the Hyundai Motor Company, told The Corner in a media release from London: “Hyundai is also planning to expand the system to adjust cabin temperature, steering-wheel position, and many other features tailored for the driver.

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“Ultimately all this will give a quality driving experience to each and every Hyundai customer.”

Hyundai also addressed the security issues on the smart fingerprint technology. With ”capacitance recognition”, which detects differences in the electricity level in various parts of the fingertip, no forgeries will be possible.


The technology’s chance of mis-recognising another person’s fingerprint, Hyundai says,  is only 1 in 50 000 – ”five times more effective than conventional vehicle keys, including smart keys”.

Hyundai will add to the tech and gradually expand to further markets.

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