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Hyundai delivers Nexo – and record range for hydrogen car

  • Hyundai US has delivered its first high-tech Nexo
  • ‘Technological flagship’ Nexo SUV for scientist
  • Hydrogen for fuel, clean exhaust the target
HYUNDAI NEXO: Is this the world’s longest-range alternative-fuel vehicle? Image: Hyundai

VAN NUYS, California – Hyundai, at the end of December 2018, delivered its first Nexo fuel-cell SUV to a former scientist who said he was eager to add the benefits of this zero-emissions vehicle to his environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

Todd Hochrad, living in Ventura, California, collected his new SUV from Keyes Hyundai in Van Nuys as the first customer for the mass-produced vehicle which claims 600km possible range.

Hyundai says the Nexo will be the technological flagship of Hyundai’s growing eco-vehicle portfolio ”as well as showing the brand’s commitment to having the industry’s most diverse SUV line-up”.

HYUNDAI NEXO: Is this the world’s longest-rainge alternative-fuel vehicle?  Todd Hochrad takes delivery of the first. Image: Hyundai

Hochrad is, Hyundai says, ”the typical automotive buyer, yet he’s the sort of customer looking to drive a zero-emissions, hydrogen-powered vehicle


”More than 15 years ago,” it added, ”he bought his first hybrid car and over the years has driven dedicated electric vehicles as well. His new Nexo will deliver about five times the driving range of his first all-electric car.”

And now a punt from Hyundai, which told The Corner the Nexo was not only the cleanest longest-range zero-emissions SUV on the road (not counting, of course, the emissions from manufacturing the hydrogen gas) thanks to the only exhaust being water but also ”a technological dynamo”.

The units will also have collision-avoidance radar, lane-keeping, dozy driver alert, auto high-beam and ”smart parking” – that last self-parking with retrieval from a tight parking slot – parallel or perpendicular.

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A rear-camera image will be shown on the driving console.

Following the concept of ”clean” driving, the Nexo’s construction includes soya bean oil-based polyurethane paint, bamboo-thread fabric and bio-plastic and bio-carpet extracted from sugar-cane.


‘Hyundai adds: ”The vehicle is vastly improved over the Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell which it has replaced but is quicker, roomier, more efficient and better-packaged, while offering 40% more range.”

The fuel-cell Tucsons have, in less than five years, accumulated in total almost 11-million km.


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