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Mercedes F1 team boss promises plenty to cheer about

LONDON, England –  Formula 1 fans, according to champion team Mercedes, will have plenty to cheer about through 2019 even if the three-pointed star again dominates for another year.

Many, however, will be rooting for the underdogs.

Mercedes has won both driver (Hamilton, five times!) and team titles ever since the V6 turbo hybrid era started in 2014 thanks mostly to Hamilton taking 51 100 races over that period and only Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull taking podium places.

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Mercedes’ motorsport head Toto Wolff told Reuters in a recent interview: “It’s in the nature of fans that they cheer for the underdog. Serial winners lose a little bit of appeal.

toto wolff 2018
MERCEDES F1 BOSS: Toto Wolff says the silver cars will ”stay with modesty”. Image: Facebook

“We’re trying to approach our sport with modesty and… we should never have a feeling of entitlement of winning.”

Through 2018, he explained, Mercedes presented itself as the underdog to Ferrari for the first part of the season – yet it proved, across various motorsport series, to be the best yet for the Germans: German Touring Cars, F2 with protege George Russell, Michael Schumacher’s son Mick the European F3.

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Hamilton won 11 races but is still 18 behind Schumacher’s record 91, with a chance also of matching thecord?’,” he added. “It’s another interesting angle of the F1 narrative.”

The 2019 season will start in Australia on March 17.

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